Style of Latino Masculinities

January 30, 2012

In his blog post “Masculinity, Masculinities, and/or Masculinity as Style,” Clifton Evers asserts that “[t]o understand masculinity better it is important to appreciate the dynamism and movement it can actually entail, despite the many attempts to ‘capture’ it, block it, and define it.” In our first brain-storm to try to better understand (Latino) masculinity (masculinities), the “dynamism and movement” that Evers speaks of and develops as the importance of “style,” our findings seem to be right on target:

Wordle #1:


Wordle #2:


In small groups, please discuss how our findings (word associations) relate to Evers’ blog post. What are the five words/phrases that stand out? How do they relate to R.W. Connell’s process of “hegemonic masculinity”? How does Elizabeth Grosz propose we refigure the (male?) body? Explain Deleuze’s assemblages in relation to (male) bodies and masculinity.

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