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Fiction of Latino Masculinity

February 6, 2012

Gonzales and Mexican in the United States:

Gonzales States that Mexican is at the core of our country’s Latino Heritage, Mexican according to Gonzales can claim to be both early settlers on U.S. Soil and the largest group of new arrivals.

Since the 1820, Mexicans have migrated to the United States, and today they are the second- largest immigrant nationality in our history. 

There is no other Hispanic group according to Gonzales that has contributed more to the nation’s prosperity than Mexicans have

Mexicans have lived on this land before there was a Mexico or USA.

Mexican Americans face identity problems similar to that of Puerto Ricans.

In the article, Gonzalez discussed the impact various persons had on Mexican and U.S history.

Jose de Ecandon established various settlements stretching from the Rio Grande to the present-day cities of Camargo and Reynosa.

  • He had one of the most successful colonizing ventures in the New World

Mexicans began to fell threatened by migrants from the US, Ireland, and Germany who began settling in their territory

  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Anglo settlers saw the Mexicans in South Texas as an obstacle to progress

Violence against Mexicans

  • Lynching, bandits, outlaws
  • Juan “Cheno” Cortina  declares war against the Anglo settler minority
  • Consequences of the Great Depression and World War II
  • Mexican Americans being deported, Segregation and Discrimination

There is no other Latino group, according to Gonzalez, that has contributed more to the Nation’s prosperity than Mexicans.


Quick History of Mexico


At least three great civilizations—the Mayas, the Olmecs, and the Toltecs—preceded the wealthy Aztec empire, conquered in 1519–1521 by the Spanish under Hernando Cortés.

Spain ruled Mexico as part of the viceroyalty of New Spain for the next 300 years until Sept. 16, 1810, when the Mexicans first revolted. They won independence in 1821.

From 1821 to 1877, there were two emperors, several dictators, and enough presidents and provisional executives to make a new government on the average of every nine months.

Mexico lost Texas (1836), and after defeat in the war with the U.S. (1846–1848), it lost the area that is now California, Nevada, and Utah, most of Arizona and New Mexico, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

In 1855, the Indian patriot Benito Juarez began a series of reforms, including the disestablishment of the Catholic Church, which owned vast property.

The French invasion of Mexico (1861) and the crowning of Maximilian of Austria as emperor (1864) interrupted by the succeeding of the civil war.

Maximilian was overthrown and executed by forces under Juarez, who again became president in 1867


Mexico – Geography, Culture, Family Structure:


Mexico is bordered by the United States to the north and Belize and Guatemala to the southeast

Area: about three times the size of Texas.

Capital–Mexico City


Mexican culture is deeply influenced by the Catholic Church. Nearly 88% of Mexicans belong to the Church; Mexican people have preserved many of their ancestors’ traditions.

Family Structure:

The family is at the centre of the social structure. 

Most Mexican families are extremely traditional, with the father as the head of house hold , the authority figure and the decision-making

Mothers are greatly valued, but their role in the family is seen as secondary to that of their husband.

MUSIC, ART, FOOD, and Sports

Mexicans & the United States 

Mexico represents the largest source of immigration to the United States

Mexicans now account for 32% of all immigrants living in this country.

A record 12.7 million Mexican immigrants lived in the United States in 2008

Video- The Mexican American Dream




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