The Rain God part 2 by Carlos Perez and Amy Hahm

Character Development:

Miguel Angel (Miguel Chico)

The main character of this story.

He is an educated individual.

He is professionally accomplished University professor with a Doctorate.

Very strong relationship with his mother.

Miguel Grande

•Embodies a stereotypical Mexican male: strong, dominant, powerful, head of household


•Lives with many issues and insecurities.

•Attempts to impose his will on his son

•He has a very authoritative and macho personality which his mother and wife support

•He’s in between the double standards of masculinity roles

–Although continues to have relationships with other women, he remains true to spending the night at home with his wife and sons.

–One of his masculinity roles demands him to be a promiscuous man. On the other hand, he remains the head of the household, a husband to his wife, and a father to his kids

–Even when opening up his son, he refuses to admit his breakdown


•Crucial character because of his impact on his brother.

•Miguel Grande’s inability to accept his brother.

–Cannot accept Miguel Chico’s relationship Felix

–Ashamed of Felix’s sexuality

Rain Dancer –

Literal Meaning: Loved dancing in the rain

Symbolic meaning: once told his mother, “I’ll die dancing.” (114)

Free soul, not very influenced by other people’s opinions.



Female stereotypes within the Mexican culture


–Lola is the stereotypically ‘bad woman’

–Aggressively pursuits men

–Lola is female equivalent to Miguel Grande

–Appreciates the ability to remain unattached and independent


– Submissive wife

-Backbone to the family

-Moral standard

-Knows about her husband’s affair, which highlights both her and her husband’s stereotypes

Mama Chona

-Miguel Grande’s mother

-Embraces and protects her son’s machista attitude

-Believes in patriarchy and embodies it through his son

-Sees her deceased husband through the eyes of her son

-Has an effect on Miguel Grande’s want to mold his son into himself.

Arturo Islas

•Went to Stanford University

•Chicano American

•Had a BA, Masters and PhD. In English

•Went to become an English Professor at Stanford

•Lived with his partner, Jay Spears until 1970


Relationship between Arturo Islas and Miguel Chico

–Both Arturo Islas and Miguel Chico have the same background.

–Well educated

–Career as professors


We can assume that Arturo Islas battled many of the same obstacles Miguel Chico went through in the novel.


Machismo and Male Sexuality

•Machismo is the stereotype of a very strong and dominant male.

•Powerful sexual appetite

•A big boost of pride and ego

•Extramarital affairs

•Are a way of proving themselves


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