Raising Victor Vargas

Names: Chloe Delgado and Lauren Todd

Raising Victor Vargas– powerpoint


•Victor Vargas- Victor Rasuk

•‘Juicy’ Judy Gonzalez- Judy Marte

•Melonie- Melonie Diaz

•Grandma- Altagracia Guzman

•Nino Vargas- Silvestre Rasuk

•Vicki de la Cruz- Krystal Rodriguez

Victor and Masculinity:

Suave/smooth– how he tries to talk to Judy

Ladies man/cocky– conquers only ‘beautiful women’

Tough– Tells his friends to ‘eff off’

Papi chulo– “girls don’t look at you, look at your lips”

Homophobic– pushes Nino off of him when they sleep and when he hugs him to stay

Peer pressure– acting macho when Harold is around

Head of household- grandma wants him to be example for the family and help protect the innocence of his siblings

Bully– “ That’s my sister, but she’s fat now.”

“You haven’t been with a man till you been with me.” – Victor Vargas

Victor defying Masculinity:

Sensitive-upset when Grandma kicks him out, cries in his private area

gives Judy little chicken, see a softer side of him

Insecure– lies about Fat Donna to everyone

Submissive– lets Judy call the shots and have all the control, he just does what she says

“You’re so easy to see through it’s embarrassing.” – Judy Marte

“ What do you think this is, some ‘Romeo and Juliet’ shit.” – Judy Marte

Juicy Judy defying gender role

Strong– stays by values, knows what she wants

Independent – does not feel she needs a man, likes her space, doesn’t give out her number to guys

Tough/feisty– does not let men talk to her in a way she does not want, very forceful with words

Uninterested in men– make a pact with Melonie that all they need is each other, cannot trust these random guys

Reserved/Standoffish– does not give in easily or at all to peer pressure, sex, and compliments


Conservative/religious– encourages children to go to church, tries to keep them pure and innocent

Nino: masturbation, Vicky: her friend Carlos

Strong willed– tried to kick out Victor

Nurturing– old school: takes care of them, cooks, and clean

Untrusting/strict– phone locked up, lipstick from Judy on cup, does not want to give too much freedom

“Why you introduce men to your sister.” –Grandma

Vicky de la Cruz

Bold/mouthy–  is not victimized by Victor, argues/battles with him, gossiper: “bonchinchera”

Prideful/tough– does not show she is hurt when Victor rags on her, calling her fat

Tough exterior: similar to Judy and Melonie by being standoffish and feisty

Melonie/Harold vs. Judy/Victor

-Because of her low self-esteem gave into Harold’s flirtatious ways. She was never used to getting attention from boys. When she thought she trusted him they went all the way.

-Harold is more genuine than Victor is, still sticks with the Latino society’s standards to be a man, but does not go over the top like Victor does.

•Because of her confidence and knowledge of her desirability, she resists many of the guys that hit on her including Victor.

•Judy can see how he hides behind a façade, and does not show his true self for most of the movie. Constantly trying to portray these fictions latino masculinity.

Peer Pressure

Victor- to be a player, womanizer

“Look at Papi, how many wives he have? Like four or five.  How many half-brothers we have? A lot.  See what I’m saying? He’s a player, man.”    -Victor

• Judy and Melonie- pressure each other to stay away from guys and be single, Melonie feels pressured to have sex with Harold, Melonie pressures Judy to be more involved with Victor like she is with Harold

•Nino- Victor emasculates him and feels he has to leave his ‘church’ boy behavior behind him in order to be a ‘man’


Evident with Grandma trying to keep the children pure and innocent

Strongly encourages them to go to church

Has them pray at church for ‘change’ and at dinner


-Movie begins with sexual encounter: Victor and Fat Donna, we see the importance of sexual conquests from the guys, in order to be a ‘man’ you have to be sexually active

-For male characters it is all about the sex and not the emotional attachment

-For female characters sex is not a priority because they do not want to be a sexual conquest- each have a wall up, wants love but does not want to get hurt or used

-Movie ends with intimacy not a sexual conquest, Judy drops her wall and trusts him and Victor lets his true colors show, respect for her


-Victor and Harold- Harold lets Victor know what Melonie told him about Judy’s intentions- great concern, doesn’t want his buddy to get screwed over, sense of brotherhood

-Judy and Melonie- Overprotective especially when it comes to boys, make pact between eachother

-Vicky and Carlos- started off as a set up by Victor, but their innocence led to their friendship, Carlos cries on the phone when he thinks friendship is over


Insecurities within all the main young characters

-Melonie- probably one of the most insecure, feels bad about herself because she does not attain attention like Judy does, does not think guys like her- leads to her giving it up to Harold early

– Victor- masks his insecurities by being a ‘Papi chulo’

-Nino- feels insecure by coming into his sexuality, cannot get the ladies like his brother Victor and gets reprimanded when he masturbates

-Vicky hides behind tough exterior to the point that when she is bullied by Victor she keeps the hurt inside

In conclusion,

Most the characters change;

-Victor becomes less of stereotype and shows his real self

-Judy finally lets her guard down after she realizes the change in Victor

-Melonie becomes less insecure because Harold gives her confidence that she is beautiful

-Vicky is not so bratty/mean towards the end

-Family dynamic changes- begins with hostility and chaos, ends with unity and understanding



About Lauren Todd

Hello! I'm a Junior here at Uconn studying women's studies and minoring in Spanish. I'm interested in other cultures and traveling. I live in Ansonia, CT.
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