Zigzagger Part 1

Presenters: Lima James, Jessica Raugitinane, Jael Olivares

Focusing on two stories: Zigzagger and The Third Myth

PRESENTATION Zigzagger PDF –Powerpoint

Story 1: Zigzagger–Storyline

  • The story goes back and forth
  • First begins with:
  • The boy at the house after the incident
  • The parents checking on him
  • Second talks about:
    • The people of the town
    • The norms of the town
    • “Saturdays are for dancing”
  • Then goes bak to:
  • The boy and parents at the house
  • “He is still sleeping”
  • Can’t call the doctor or priest
  • The mother makes a concoction
  • Again, goes back to:
    • What the boy did on his Saturday evening
    • Hanging out with his friends
    • He smokes but does not drink
    • The dance party
  • The man with the silver buckle
    • Talking to one of the girls who came with the boy
    • “She was too young”
    • “That man kept bugging me”
  • The boy’s friends come to the house
    • They come to check on him
    • The mother builds up a false anger
  • The boy is awake
    • He is aware of what has happened
    • Recalls what happened
      • The People of the town
        • Saturdays are for dancing
        • Town is slightly bigger than the ones around it,
        • Only one with a Veterans Hall big enough to hold hundreds
      • They are described by the boy’s mother as snakes
  • The Churchgoers
    • Saturdays are vile
    • Some are war veterans who also serve as administrators for the town’s Veterans Hall
    • The Boy
    • Possessed by demons
    • Smelled of liquor, heavy urine and then something rotting
    • When he returns to health: face comes back to a dark brown and swelling around the eyes gone.
    • Lost and unnoticed
    • Not fully grown, not yet a man
    • Hollow
    • Allowed man’s hands to grab the waist
  • The Boy’s Mother
  • Afraid
  • Nurturing
  • Submissive to her husband
  • Traditional
  • Understanding?
  • Non-confrontational/denial
The Boy’s Father
  • Bold
  • Muscular, built
  • Attentive, alert
  • Not religious

The Man with the Silver Buckle

  • Plain silver belt
  • Cold eye-open and watching
  • Arrogant, superior
  • Smiled as he expected the boy
  • Wore nothing but black down to his boots
  • Voice clear and strong
  • Skin as dark as anyone from the Town
  • Broad back, grunting heavily
  • Devil-like: long, hard hooves and snake tongue
Possessed with Demons
  • “…the boy’s convulsions have stopped.” (5)
  • “…his jerking body was at its worst.” (5)
  • “…his violent sleep.” (5)
  • “…the room had become strangely cold…in the middle of July…” (5)

Temptation and the Devil

    • “…he saw a flash of the man’s feet entrenched fast in the ground – long, hard hooves digging into the soil…” (17)
    • “…the rattlers under the vines, their forked tongues brushing the air, and the boy remembers that the man’s tongue pushed into his with the same vigor…the same kind of terrible flick.” (17-18)
  • Religion will cure homosexuality
  • “She remembers that today is Sunday and, with the encouragement of the coming morning, she rises from her chair to see for herself.” (6)
  • “Saturdays in this town are for dancing. The churchgoers think it is a vile day…a whole cycle of temptation.” (6)
  • Punish a Sin
  • ” – his father will punish him with it.” (17)
  • Shame
  • “And she knows that they will tell her that her son had not been drinking, that they will deny that he took any drugs, and she will believe them. But she knots her fingers and her hands, trying to build up a false anger, because she is too ashamed and afraid to let them know what she and her husband saw on her boy’s body, the things he said in a voice that was not his…” (15)

Ignoring or Hiding = Never Happened

  • “…she wants to say nothing at all. She believes…that talking aloud brings moments to light…She sees her son at the doorway and wants to tell him not to speak.” (18)
  • “It’s understood in my family that I am out, but we don’t discuss it, which is a very typical Mexican Catholic response.” -Manuel Muñoz

Feminine Physical Traits

    • “Her son’s legs are hairless and cool to the touch. There are no raised veins.” (10)
  • Attraction to Men
  • “…men his father’s age with shiny belt buckles and boots.” (12)
  • Different, Lost, Alone
    • “He put his hands in his pockets while men removed their hats and cornered women for dance. Couples with joined hands…and the boy reasoned that everyone felt the way he did at the moment – lost and unnoticed…” (12)
    • Mental Conflict of Masculinity
      • “The boy pictured himself with the same kind of arrogance, the posture that cocked the man’s hips, the offering he suggested to this girl, and he wondered if he would ever grow into that kind of superiority, being capable of seducing and tempting.” (13)
  • Escape to Find Acceptance
    • “…the boy noticed his face – what a handsome man he was, his skin as dark as anyone’s in town – but his voice not anchored by the heaviness of accent. He was not like them, the boy knew instantly.” (14)
    • “I was breaking out of the Valley and coming to terms with a change to its restrictions – from race to class to sexuality.” -Manuel Muñoz
    • Suppression of Sexuality/Hiding Identity
    • Nameless – protagonist referred to as “boy”
  • Ownership of Sexuality
    • “He is aware of himself in a way that is unsettling, as if he has escaped his body once and for all and yet, exhausted as he feels, knows that his body is his own again.” (16)
    • Proud, Acceptance
    • “…he does not feel ashamed of himself as he once did.” (16)
    • Learning to Live as Openly Gay
    • “He wonders if he will sound different; he wonders if they will see how he carries himself now…” (17)
The Third Myth: Storyline
  • Linear storyline
  • Narrator: Ricardo
  • Describes his relationship with Drino
  • Pochi watches Drino & Ricardo hooking up
  • Doña Rosita
  • Sells cosmetics
  • “I lean over to pick up a dark orange lipstick”


  • Physical deformities
  • “Nothing’s right for him”
  • “Pochi didn’t turn out right”
  • Ricardo’s conversation with Drino
  • “We probably shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing anymore”

Ricardo’s brother

  • He gets his girlfriend (15yrs old) pregnant
  • “Tonight he didn’t bother to take off his boots at the front door, went immediately to our bedroom door and pounded it open, unstrapping his belt”

Pochi (Francisco/Pancho)

  • Different, ill formed
  • Hair is black, thick, cut short all around
  • Huch gallops when runs, arms and shoulders not able to work as they should
  • Not Ricardo’s friend
  • Peeping tom
  • Puchi-bad smell when in fact he doesn’t smell
  • No teeth on bottom jaw and tilts head to chew like a cat
    • Drino (Sandrino)
      • Plays basketball
      • Drives Chevy Bega with chrome rims
      • Lean with skinny legs
      • Wears gold chain-tight around the neck
      • Doesn’t smoke
  • Ricardo
    • Sophomore in High School
    • Confused
    • Curious
    • Worrier
    • Slips up about sexuality
  • Doña Rosita
    • Friend of Ricardo’s mother
    • Sells cosmetics
    • Mother of two twin daughters
    • Laid back
  • La Victoria
    • Mother of Pochi
    • Overdoes it with make-up
    • Son is a consequence?
    • Beautiful woman with a beautiful husband
  • Ricardo’s Mother
    • Religious
  • Ricardo’s Brother
    • Older, senior in High School
    • Gave up going out for lent yet disappears
    • Got his girlfriend pregnant
    • Leaves home
  • Any time the full moon is in cycle it can cause concern for a pregnant woman…
      1. Young girl must arrive at age 15 year pure and churched and if done than a father must celebrate arrival…
      1. Test of willful boys, for stubborn ones, bake a pie and child’s hand be pressed into pie’s raw top crust and then bakes and not opened for one hour. Should be done at a young age 6-8…
  • Myths list reasons why someone can become homosexual and ways to prevent homosexuality
  • Blame Others/Peer Pressure
  • “If I didn’t come to be right, it’s because of Drino…” (20)
  • “She would say to my mother, It’s your son’s fault.” (20)
  • Drino picks up Ricardo three blocks away from his home, so his mom won’t see
    • Drino and Ricardo hook up in a secluded, back parking lot or in the orchards
    • Drino keeps a pack of cigarettes in the car while they hook up just in case someone comes so he can use the excuse that they were just smoking
  • Religion Cures Homosexuality
    • Que Dios lo bendiga a él tambien -May God bless him also (24)
    • “I wonder if she really…wishes God to bless Pochi? For what? To make him not what he is?” (24)
  • Religion Makes People “Good”
    • “…only the gold chain tight around his neck. It’s how his mother wants him to be, to keep him good.” (21)
    • “Drino has looped a cross around his rearview mirror to remind him.” (21)
  • Fear
  • “…do you think you’ll get punished for any of this?” (25)
  • Paranoia
  • “Something will emerge from them to catch me. A pair of eyes looking, coming.” (30)

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