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  1. Sabryne Vidal says:

    I thought that the first theme brought up about whether or not we believe that masculinity develops in the home is a very debatable one. Some people think that it’s all about the media or environmental factors such as school or what we watch on TV but I honestly think that it has a lot to do with how we are raised and how our parents were raised. A majority of child-rearing practices happen in the household, and a lot of what our parents tell us to do or not to do occurs right at home. I think parental influence is a major factor when we develop this image of what masculinity is and should look like because as little kids we absorb all of what we learn from them. Through observing and modeling their own behavior we pick up subtle cues that help us determine what our behaviors should be like as males or females and as children, when they give us new toys we assume that those objects are specifically designed for our own gender.
    I mean, through my own personal experience growing up in a family who loves to play soccer- I was really never allowed to play with my male cousins because it was a “boy” sport and my mother did encourage this. “To the kitchen!” she would say- but I was really never excited to go help peel potatoes..! This is just one example of how the concept of masculinity is developed through the influence of family, maintained by their own perceptions of what they believe to be masculine or feminine. Clearly, playing soccer was not in the picture for me.
    Sabryne Vidal 2/2/2013

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