Digital Handout for Lead Discussions

For your lead discussions, I have asked you to create a digital handout. This handout should be added as a “new” Post to our course blog and placed within the its corresponding category (main author/topic created by me) as well as include appropriate tags (relevant terms created by you). A handout is something your audience can refer to during and after your presentation. It should include, at the very least, all the main points of your presentation, important quotes, discussion questions, and a bibliography (yes you should find additional information than the required text). Do not simply copy/paste the information you already have on your powerpoint presentation.

Check out Olivia Mitchell’s “13 Best Practice Tips for Effective Presentation Handouts”

The only difference from a “traditional” handout is that instead of printing them and making copies, we will upload the information for everyone to have access to during class (and after) through out course blog.

Remember these are not meant to be “lecturing” presentations, but discussions where we  can all be involved with the material.

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