– Miguel Chico’s family obviously cares for him, but they do try to limit his gender expression via toys. Miguel Grande is adamant that his son not be “brought up like a girl”, as if femininity is something undesirable or something to be ashamed of. The fact that Miguel Chico was made to apologize to his father for playing with a toy that a.) did not cause anyone harm or b.) he enjoyed playing with was especially disappointing to me; it showed how strict gender is by society’s standards and how early children are held to their roles and expected to act in ‘acceptable’ boundaries.

-Another display of masculinity is when Miguel Grande becomes aggressive towards Maria that he’ll throw her out of the house if he catches her discussing her religion in his home again. This would, most likely, be the end of Maria’s income (as there aren’t any clues leading towards Maria having a job separate from taking care of Miguel Chico), and therefore put her at a disadvantage. Juanita, Miguel Chico’s mom, does nothing to protest this. This interaction shows the concept of the male being the head of the household, as well as the dominant figure.


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