John portrays the time his father showed affection towards him as a very convert aggressive experience. Although this was supposed to be a time where they would be have a positive and affectionate interaction Fausto really did not know how to express that.  Instead he was in a drunken state where John found him to be the most “loveable-huggable person” so he would “playfully hit him” a sign of not only aggression but also machismo.  This is a sign of machismo because male figures generally feel that boys should grow-up to be strong. As one of our male classmates mentioned last week about his father or older brothers; when he didn’t want to do something that was “manly” they told him to stop being such a skirt (such a girl).  When Fausto and John were having their father-son time they were alone and Fausto was absolutely drunk- another sign of machismo; pointing at the fact that they were alone and drunk when this man was expressing his feelings.  Fausto said he was proud of his son only after he had a drink with him, again this shows that men want for their sons to take up after their father (although in this case it is not in the most positive way).  One other example of masculinity in this scene would be when Fausto said that he will trust in his son with his master plan before telling his wife. This is very common and such a masculine thing to do- for men to go into business with their son and keeping them informed about the family business before telling discussing things with their wife. 
Throughout the play Fausto serves a masculine “role model” to John, some would say that a young man shouldn’t have learn that this is the way men are but as a typical Latin father he teaches/introduces his son to be tough-skin, strong, sexual, and a family provider for example when he talks about his dreams and goals and how he did not come to this country to be serving the white people. 

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