The Rain God Handout

Ayaa Elgoharry and Prekiya Kennebrew

The Rain God Handout


Information about the author of the book

Main character quick analyzes  

  • Miguel Grande- Macho, shows that men are guiltless womanizers.
  • Miguel Chico- Rebelled against his family traditions, first generation.
  • Juanita- Housewife, mother, ignores Grande mistreatments.

Transition to male masculinity

  • Masculinity can be defined in many different ways.
  • Miguel Chico grew up with a father who instilled his belief of how men should be.


  • “His father had told him to be a man and protect his mother from the dead.” pg. 10
  • “Miguel Grande would scold Maria for allowing his son to play with dolls. I don’t want my son brought up like a girl.” pg. 15
  • “He knew he was no poet like his cousin JoEl, the most sensitive member of the family.” pg. 28
  • “Their father could be vicious in his rage and was capable of beating them severely when he drank too much.” pg. 43

How are women affected?

  • Information on gender roles

Discussion Time!!!

Is there such thing as masculinity when it comes to death?

How is health perceived in The Rain God?

How does Mexicans: Pioneers of a Different Type relate to The Rain God?


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