Handout_The Rain God- Part 2

Romy Garcia & Victoria Breen

The Rain God

By Arturo Isilas (Part 2 pages 53-110)


Significant Events

  • Miguel Grande and Juanita have their 25th Anniversary
  • Uncle Felix is killed by a soldier
  • Miguel Grande and Lola have a long-term affair
  • Miguel Grander and Juanita separate and get back together


Perceptions that males are automatically gay when they have feminine qualities

  • Example from the reading:
    • ‘All good dancers are queer and you know it’ Miguel shared the macho’s distrust of any man who was too handsome or danced too well” (70)
    • Everyday examples:

◦       guys who do hair

◦       guys who stand up for women rights

◦       guys that watch romantic movies “chick flicks”

◦       guys who care about their appearance

◦       guys who have piercings other than on their ears

◦       guys who model- remember that clip we watched in class last week


Homophobia lingered in the court system

  • Felix’s killer was justified would we justify such act in today’s reality?



  • Miguel Grande and Lola
    • Lola is the mistress, “unhousewifely”,  spoke up
    • Miguel fell in love with her,  and was jealous of her talking or dancing with anyone else
    • How dies this compare to other mistress relationships you know.
    • Miguel Grande and Juanita
      • Juanita obeyed, trusted, and did anything for Miguel Grande
      • Miguel cheated and unappreciated his wife
      • She thought their 25 year marriage was perfect, but he knew it wasn’t
      • Miguel Grande and Miguel Chico
        • M. Grande wanted to make him a man
        • M. Chico wanted to make his dad proud but didn’t want to engage in his kind of “manly” activities


Questions to get you thinking:

  • What other relationships did you find interesting in this portion of the reading and how can they relate to your personal experiences?
  • If Uncle Felix had been killed for homosexual attempts in todays society, how would society react? How would or wouldn’t it be different?


About Romy Garcia

Currently studying abroad at the National University of Singapore, in Singapore (South East Asia). Keep up with my adventures by following my blog where I'll try to post as much as possible. UConn 2013 Proud sister of Lambda Theta Alpha
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