Dominicans: From the Durate to the George Washington Bridge Hand Out

By Brittany and Lisette

Trujillo- Dictator of Dominican Republic

  • “if the police were looking for you,” …“you dared not run away. If you did, they would come and kill all the members of your family. So people just sat in their houses and waited for the police to come” (121)
  • Trujillo was assassinated on May 30, 1961
  • He was considered to be in rule during one of the bloodiest eras
  • He was hated by many, but others loved him
  • What were some masculine traits that Trujillo displayed? Can these traits be considered masculine or are they beyond it?

Bosch- First President

  • The Dominicans first democratically elected president in 1966
  • Extreme violence still plagued DR for ten years after the election due to a spilt government
  • Bosch’s land reform and repression of the Communist movement were not favorable by many
  • He was overthrown by the army and exiled to Puerto Rico, although he still remained favorable by many people in DR
  • He was restored to power on April 24, 1965

The Early Years

  • The Luciano’s illustrated what compliance with Trujillo could do for you, but after his assassination things change
  • Jobs became scare in DR
  • The Dominican Revolution began on April 24, 1965
  •  Immigrating to the United States seemed like a good option for Dominicans

Building a New Life in New York City: Immigration

  • Why do people from other countries come to the United States?
  • Why do people come legally?
  • Why do people come illegally?
  • Why were people leaving DR?
  • Why was New York a desirable place for Dominican immigrants?
  • Who comes first man or women?

The New Colonia in New York

  • What initiated rivalries between Puerto Ricans and Dominicans?
  • Why do you think that people from other countries identify with their nationality and not their race until they have reached the United States?
  • What businesses and industries did Dominicans find success in?
  • What are some Stereotypes that plagued Dominicans?
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