Final Self Reflection & Evaluation

Fictions of Latino Masculinities
Final Self Reflection & Evaluation

Due Date:       Thursday, May 9, 2013 in class (no exceptions)

Please write one paragraph for each question:

1. How would you evaluate your class participation? Beyond attendance, did you actively contribute to our discussions? Were you on task (i.e., not texting, on facebook, shopping online, etc.)? Were you on time or chronically late? Did you use the readings we were discussing to make your points?

2. How would you evaluate your online participation in our course blog? Did you meet the minimum posts/comment requirements? Would you respond to your colleagues when they would comment on something you had said? Did you contribute additional resources (e.g., links to articles, videos, etc.)?

3. Think specifically about how you met our course objectives. How did the texts/films help you achieve this? (Give a few concrete examples.)

Course Objectives:

  • To recognize the relevance of gender and sexuality in understanding the Latina/o population.
  • To critically evaluate masculinities as social constructs through the cultural production of Latinas/os.
  • To analyze and critique how the intersectionality of gender and sexuality play an important role within the “fictions” of masculinity along with race, kinship, illness, and urban settings.
  • To produce and disseminate knowledge regarding Latino masculinities outside of the classroom.

4. Generally speaking, how has the course helped you think/question/reaffirm/challenge some of your assumptions of (Latino) masculinities outside of class? How do you think you can continue thinking critically about these issues in an informal setting?

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