Blog Contributions
Throughout the semester, we will continue discussing Latino masculinities outside of class through the use of a course blog. Your blog posts should critically reflect on the assigned readings, in-class discussions, additional research you are doing, as well as personal insights you might be comfortable sharing that relate to the issues being discussed.

  • Your blog posts need to be the rough equivalent of two, well-developed paragraphs, and they should demonstrate how you are critically engaging the assigned texts. When referencing a particular text, you should quote and cite that text appropriately using MLA style. If you are referring to a source available online, make sure to hyperlink said source so anyone interested can access it. You should also use your posts to develop questions you would like to address in class. As the blog develops, you may also want to refer back to previous posts: your own or your classmates’. Perhaps you answered your own questions and inquiries or perhaps you’ve changed your mind about something. Please do not summarize any readings or texts, unless you are discussing an additional text not assigned (and do so very briefly if needed). You will write a minimum of 10 posts due before class on Tuesdays.
  • Your blog comments should directly engage with the content of your colleagues’ posts. These can be short and informal, at least 5 sentences, but should demonstrate that you have given some thought to what they posted and are furthering the discussion along. You will write at least 20 comments during the semester due before class on Thursdays.

You should not wait to start writing posts and commenting as I will “close” sections of the blog as we move forward in our discussions throughout the semester. Remember this should be a tool to help you engage with the readings and assist you to actively participate. You can always comment on your classmates’ posts or answer any comments made to your posts at a later time.

It is your responsibility alone to ensure that your full name is identifiable with your posts/comments (not a username), and that your posts/comments are saved and published appropriately. Please keep an electronic document with all your posts/comments (including date/time stamp). You will submit this along with your midterm and final self-evaluation as evidence of your blog contributions. However, if a post/comment is not on the blog, it will not be counted towards your grade. Make sure that your posts/comments follow proper English grammar rules (spelling, capitalization, punctuation). Even though we are blogging our reflections, do not write the way you speak or text.