1. Introduction to (Latino) Masculinities


January 24
1. READ: Clifton Evers, “Masculinity, Masculinities, and/or Masculinity as Style
2. READ: Todd W. Reeser, “Introduction: The Study of Masculinity” from Masculinities in Theory
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Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity

Above is an excerpt from Jackson Katz’s documentary Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity. In it, several young men discuss what it means to be “a real man” as well as what they understand as “being manly” and the implications of not fitting in to these definitions. Do you agree with Katz regarding where as a society we learn these definitions? Where else do we learn about masculinity (as well as femininity)? What are the most common representations of Latinos according to Katz? What are other representations of Latino men? How does this hold true for our understanding of masculinity?


49 Responses to 1. Introduction to (Latino) Masculinities

  1. TEST COMMENT: Please post 5 words you associate with masculinity and 5 words you associate with Latino men.

  2. jacobfinlan says:

    Five words that I associate with masculinity: tough, strong, dominant, large, power
    Five words that I associate with Latino men: suave, confident, sexual, loud, collected (or calm)

  3. laurentodd91 says:

    Masculinity: breadwinner, powerful, tough, confident, strong
    Latino men: smooth, jealous, confident, macho, sexual

  4. jeanclaudenicolasjr says:

    unfortunately, masculinity has earned the wrong image and its fallacies have been passed down to our children, which now equates to violence. jackson katz provides a compelling, cogent argument on what our culture should aspire masculinity to be defined as. i subscribe to the thinking that women respect a man who strays from violence. as a former perpetrator of domestic violence, i have seen first hand how it destroys trust in a relationship; which usually never gets restored. on a personal note, i dont want my daughter to be attracted to a violent man. education is the key for our youths to unlearn violent behavior and dislike all the baggage it brings. the media furthers the violent, stoic male image. a real man should be just as in touch with his own emotions as he is in touch with his sexual life and the sexual concerns of his partner. anything less is selfish as he is only giving his partner his body and not the full spectrum of his emotions. MEN, GET INTO IT, GET INVOLVED!!!

  5. jeanclaudenicolasjr says:

    five words i associate masculinity with is:
    1. fidelity
    2. leader
    3. provider
    4. lover
    5. warrior

    five words i associate latino men with is:
    1. salsa
    2. macho
    3. boricua
    4. caliente
    5. jealous

  6. misharo says:

    Masculinity: money maker, power, cocky, independent, strong
    Latino men: rico, sexy, touchy, aggressive, pretty

  7. lue3291 says:

    Masculinity: Dependable, Honest, Hardworking, Sociable, Successful
    Latino Men: loud, party-goers, smooth, dancers, hardworking

  8. britaneyguzman says:

    Masculinity: strong, athletic, guarded, provider, confident
    Latino Men: Smooth, muscular, jealous, over-protective, family-oriented

  9. edortega3231 says:

    Masculinity – confident, strong, stoic, physical, and independent
    Latino Men – sexual, passionate, confrontational, self-absorbed, and family-oriented

  10. JessicaRaugitinane says:

    Masculinity: strong, tough, breadwinner, fighters, rough
    Latino Men: sensual, hard worker, family-oriented, underestimated, physical

  11. korb10 says:

    Five words I associate with masculinity are strong, powerful, callous, athletic, and tough.
    Five words I associate with Latino men are confident, hard-working, persuasive, intimidating, and family-oriented.
    These associations are based off of images portrayed through media outlets, which show a narrow/obscured representation of what Latino men are like.

  12. alease810 says:

    Masculinity: strong, leader, violence, rational, fights
    Latino Men: smooth, friendly, good dancers, mustache, bad temper

  13. chrisvelez says:

    Masculinity: confident, responsible, integrity, risk takers, determined
    Latino Men: family oriented, loud, loving, passionate, party

  14. klakotko says:

    masculinity: aggressive, violent, strong, outspoken, controlling
    Latino men: mustache, suave, sexual, dominating, lovable

  15. Masculinity: Dominant, assertive, independent, providers, strong
    Latino Men: Protective, sexual, family orientated, passionate, smooth

  16. jayrodriguez13 says:

    Masculinity: Strong, Tough, Serious, Protective, Aggressive
    Latino Men: Hardworking, funny, violent, passionate, suave

  17. mcalderon29 says:

    Masculinity: strong, provider, respect, rough, loud
    Latino Men: passion, temper, (super) friendly, accents, drunks

  18. amyhahm says:

    masculinity: aggressive, tough, emotionless, confident, dominant
    latino men: foreign, hardworking, good dancers, sexual, touchy

  19. elizfletch says:

    Masculinity: Strong, tough, aggressive, confident, provider
    Latino men: aggression, family, protective, proud, independent

  20. SPRING 2013
    Please post 5 words you associate with masculinity and 5 words you associate with Latino men.

  21. amyhahm says:

    Masculinity: agressive, unemotional, provider, tough, independent
    Latino men: passionate, strong temper, protective, proud, hard worker, family

  22. Masculinity: Overbearing, rough, testosterone, sports, indifferent
    Latino men: Lovers, passionate, emotional, verile, energetic

    -Christopher Richard

  23. Skylar Smith says:

    Masculinity: tough, protector, competitive, rugged, determined
    Latino Men: jealous, loud, protective, family, macho

  24. Becky Taylor says:

    masculinity: dominance, strength, aggression, leadership, self-sufficience
    Latino men: heterosexist, family oriented, macho, sexual, strong

  25. Masculinity: Strong, Provider, Athletic, Deep Voice, Aggressive
    Latino Men: Player, Loud, Dancer, Partier, Tough

  26. sabrynevidal says:

    Masculinity: Powerful, Ambitious, Independent, Aggressive, Competitive
    Latino Men: Proud, Temperamental, Jealous, Hardworking, Protective
    ~Sabryne Vidal 1/25/2013

  27. amberjones2013 says:

    1. Strong will
    2. Unemotional
    3. Provider
    4. Protector

    Latino Men
    1. Lovers
    2. Passionate
    3.Family- centered
    4. Players
    5. Emotional

  28. brittanydemers1 says:

    Masculinity: Strong, Aggression, tough, dominate, controlling
    Latino Men: protective, good dancer, macho, sexual, hard working

  29. Masculinity: Strong, Hairy, Emotionally detached, Muscular, Players, Leader
    Latino men: Latin Lovers (Romantic), Providers, Sexist, Family man, Hardworking

  30. imaanicain says:

    Masculinity: dominance, bravado, strength, unemotional, aggressive . Latino men: sensual, passionate, family-oriented, religious, tough.

  31. sorlyz says:

    5 words for Latin Men:
    – Latin Lovers, Strong, Passionate, Aggressive, and Protective

  32. laurencarabetta says:

    5 words associated with masculinity: Strong, Dominant, Tough, Assertive, Unemotional

    5 words associated with Latino men: Proud, Respectful, Strong, Passionate, Confident

  33. josephsokola says:

    5 words associated with masculinity: strong, dominant, aggressive, unemotional, tough
    5 words associated with Latino masculinity: proud, respected, lovers, machismo, players

  34. 5 words associated with masculinity: aggressive, dominant, powerful, provider, strong
    5 words associated with latino masculinity: smooth, charismatic, romantic, strong, sexual

  35. jessedrinks says:

    Masculinity: Prideful, Controlling, Unemotional, Cocky, Confident
    Latino Masculinity: Sexual, Proud, Rhythmic, Family Orientated, players

  36. crestrepo1991 says:

    5 symbolic words
    Masculinity: Aggressive, Competitive, Independent, Stoic, Overconfident
    Latino masculinity: Prideful, Passionate, Honorable, Charismatic, Determined

  37. emilyvanburen2013 says:

    Masculinity: strong, power hungry, confident, firm, protective
    Latino Masculinity: prideful, sensual, suave, energetic, loyal

  38. John Wilkinson says:

    Masculinity: strong, unemotional, confident, freedom, responsibility
    Latino Masculinity: machismo, pride, aggressive, struggle. suave

  39. Romy Garcia says:

    Masculinity: tough, firm, toned (in shape), protective, provider
    Latino Masculinity, crazy, macho-man, homophobic, patriarch, hard-working (go-getter/provider)

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