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First openly gay boxer about Jason Collins

Orlando Cruz becomes the first openly gay boxer after coming out before his October 19 fight. (Courtesy EMC events) First openly gay boxer about Jason Collins: “Coming out does not make him less of a man” http://nbclatino.com/2013/05/01/first-openly-gay-boxer-about-jason-collins-coming-out-does-not-make-him-less-of-a-man/

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SABRYNE VIDAL AND AMBER JONES Quote: “…Her face was a perfect balance of make up and chimera. Valentina never seemed completely done up, she never exaggerated the tone of rouge, or lip pencil, she never wore wigs. Her midnight auburn … Continue reading

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Rafael L. Ramirez Handout

Outline of Presentation Presenters: John Wilkinson and Desiree Wimberly Rafael L. Ramirez (1935-2009?) Professor of Anthropology (Ret.) Senior Researcher at the HIV/AIDS Research and Education Center of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Machismo Performance of a specific, hegemonic … Continue reading

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Hombres y Machos Handout

Presenters: Iris Foley and Patrick Murphy About the Author, Alfredo Mirande Mirande’s explanations for Mexican hypermasculinity 1. result of the Spanish conquest 2. brought over by the Spaniards 3. the masculinity was already present in the natives Basics of the … Continue reading

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John Leguizamo’s Freak

Download Powerpoint presentation Handout (Outline)

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